Supido Speed Radar

Measure Golf Swing and Ball Speeds

Supido Golf Speed Radar


Measure Speed, Improve Your Game

The SUPIDO Speed Radar is a great, and inexpensive piece of equipment that will help enhance your coaching sessions. With the speed radar, you are able to visualise your students' golf club swing speed or ball speed accurately giving you a more complete picture to their overall ability.

The speed radar is able to measure in both mph or kph and can detect speeds up to 150mph (199kph) at a distance of up to 9 metres (30ft) with the ability to recall the last 10 recorded swings. An added feature of the unit is an option for voice notification, which will announce your speed after every swing.

The unit is lightweight and durable and is designed to be hands free unlike most other speed guns and can be tripod mounted to get the best possible readings. This is especially useful for accurately detecting the speed of a golf ball as it can be positioned behind a driving net.

Speed Radar - Swing Speed Position


  • Measure club swing and ball speeds
  • Measures in both MPH and KPH
  • Can detect speeds up to 150mph (199kph)
  • Bright LED display can be seen easily from a distance
  • Voice option – Will call out your speed vocally
  • Recording option
  • Lightweight and durable design for easy use
  • Hands-free operation unlike most other speed guns
  • Can be used by a single person
  • Designed to be mounted on any standard camera tripod
  • Ideal for measuring movement or ball speed in most sports
  • Automatic battery saver – extends the life of batteries when not in use
  • Can be used for other sports such as football, tennis, cricket, cycling & many others

Speed Radar Front

Clear LED Lighting

Bright LED display can be seen easily from a distance.

Speed Radar - Side

Light & Durable

Ergonomic lightweight and sturdy design for easy use.

Speed Radar - Angled

Hands Free

Designed to be hands free and can be tripod mounted.

Speed Radar - Rear

Various Modes

Voice mode calls out each detected speed. Record option recalls the last 10 speeds.

Supido Speed Radar

Product Code: LC/0040