TrueStrike™ Mk7 Single


  • 1 x Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
  • 3 x Range Mat Section & 1 x Tee Holder
  • 1 x Ball Tray & 1 x Edge Trim
  • 25 x TrueTees Short & 25 x TrueTee Long
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The Single Golf Mat from TrueStrike is primarily aimed at golf professionals and driving ranges, but it’s also great for home use if you have the space. This mat is designed to react like grass when hit, providing a realistic practice experience. The mat’s design allows the club head to play through the playing surface as it would on turf, accurately recreating the effects of playing off a natural fairway.

Key Features:

  1. The mat includes 1 Edge Trim, 1 Ball Tray, 1 Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface, and Strike Surround), and 3 Range Mat Sections.
  2. The mat is designed to react like grass when hit, allowing golfers to have a realistic practice experience.
  3. The mat provides metrics to improve your game, including ball speed, putter direction, club face angle, putter stroke, and tempo tracker.
  4. The mat is easy to set up and use.


To place an order, you can call +44 (0)1253 407 272 or place your order online. Prices are ex-works and exclude VAT where applicable.

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