Used Stamped Range Balls

£0.14 per ball *

  • A mix of different brands
  • Stamped with the word ‘RANGE’
  • The balls offer great value for money
  • Minimum order 500 balls

*used ball prices start from £0.15 per ball, ex-works, excluding VAT (where applicable)

The Used Range Stamped Golf Balls are a cost-effective choice for your practice range without compromising on performance. These balls are a mixed selection of used tournament golf balls from brands such as Top Flite, Pinnacle, and Wilson Staff. Each ball has been used before and may have some scuffs, marks, and discoloration, but this won’t affect its performance. Each ball is stamped with the word ‘RANGE’ in red and is available in white.

Key Features:

  1. The balls are a mix of different brands, offering variety in your practice.
  2. Each ball has been used before, but is guaranteed to be in perfectly playable condition.
  3. The balls are stamped with the word ‘RANGE’ in red, making them easily identifiable.
  4. The balls offer great value for money, providing a cost-effective solution for stocking your driving range.


Please note that the availability of balls may vary. To place an order, you can call +44 (0)1253 407 272 or place your order online. Prices are ex-works and exclude VAT where applicable.

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